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A Mannings shop in Hong Kong
A Mannings shop in Suzhou, Mainland China

Mannings (traditional Chinese: 萬寧; simplified Chinese: 万宁; pinyin: Wànníng; Jyutping: maan6 ning4) or Guardian (佳寕; 佳宁; Jiānìng; gaai1 ning4) for Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Vietnam, and Singapore. It is a personal care product chain owned by Dairy Farm International Holdings (Dairy Farm is owned by Jardine Matheson Holdings). By the end of 2016, there were 1715 stores in Asia, 355 in Hong Kong, 17 in Macau, 228 in Mainland China, 425 in Malaysia, 245 in Indonesia, 21 in Brunei, 47 in Vietnam, 126 in Singapore, 5 in Cambodia, and 246 in the Philippines. The total income of Mannings in 2017 was US$2.8 billion. Its major rivals include Watsons which is owned by Hutchison Group.

Mannings is Hong Kong's largest health and beauty products chain store, with more than 350 outlets throughout the territory, providing a wide range of quality health care, personal care, skin care and baby products to a broad spectrum of consumers. It has also been proactively providing innovative services and leading the industry to serve the needs of health and beauty for the general public. Mannings has been awarded by the Hong Kong Retail Management Association's through their Mystery Shopper Program as the "Best Service Retailer" for six consecutive years. Mannings has also been voted as the “No.1 Customers’ Favorite Brand" in a customer’s telephone survey conducted by Ipsos for 13 consecutive years (2004 to 2016).

Mannings’ first health concept store Mannings Plus was opened in Causeway Bay in 2010. Mannings Plus is more focused on health services than the rest of regular Mannings stores which highly promotes quality health products. A professional health team, registered dietitians, health ambassadors, registered pharmacists and beauty consultants station at each of the Mannings Plus to provide comprehensive personalized and professional services such as Health Assessment, Weight Management, Free Nutrition Consultation, Medicine Consultation and Disease Management, and so on. Up to 2017, there are 10 Mannings health concept stores throughout Hong Kong.

In 2012, Mannings strategically launched the first Mannings Baby in Shatin, providing a full range of goods and services to newborn babies and young children. Mannings Baby has a wide range of quality certified baby food, baby dermatological skincare products, and maternity necessities. To ensure that all customers are provided with safe and quality assured products, all the reputable brands on offer are originated from countries which are known for their excellent product manufacturing quality management and safety standards. Up to 2017, there are now five outlets throughout Hong Kong.

Mannings Professional Pharmacists are ready to answer Customers’ personal health questions at any time. They will try to understand customers’ health needs or status and provide them with free health advice which best suits the customers. Through the first "electronic drug follow-up system" which is an innovation developed by Mannings, their pharmacists will closely record and follow up the medical condition of the customers.

The pharmacists will also carry out various types of activities to enhance public health awareness and to help the community to understand the prevention of common diseases better. This was then reinforced by providing free health assessment and consultation to help the needs of different customers.

Free services provided by Mannings pharmacists include:

1. Health assessment

2. Disease management

3. Drug compliance

4. Drug interaction

5. Blood pressure measurement

Mannings Registered Dietitians provide customers with professional nutrition and dietary guidance through simple and effective health and dietary assessment. This will enable customers in establishing a healthy lifestyle, custom-made dietary guideline with menus provided.

The free dietitian services include:

1. Dietary guidance and management for chronic diseases

2. Nutrition and drug interaction guidance

3. Exercise nutrition Guide

4. Dietary nutrition analysis and custom-made dietary menu

5. Body composition analysis: body moisture, fat and muscle ratio

6. Blood pressure measurement

7. Pre and post pregnancy consultation

8. Dietary management for children