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A Mannings shop in Hong Kong
A Mannings shop in Suzhou, Mainland China

Mannings (traditional Chinese: 萬寧; simplified Chinese: 万宁; pinyin: Wànníng; Jyutping: maan6 ning4) is a personal care product chain owned by Dairy Farm International Holdings, which is in turn owned by Jardine Matheson. It is known as Guardian (佳寕; 佳宁; Jiānìng; gaai1 ning4) for Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Vietnam, and Singapore. By the end of 2016, there were 1715 stores in Asia, 355 in Hong Kong, 17 in Macau, 228 in Mainland China, 425 in Malaysia, 245 in Indonesia, 21 in Brunei, 47 in Vietnam, 126 in Singapore, 5 in Cambodia, and 246 in the Philippines. The total income of Mannings in 2017 was US$2.8 billion. Its major rivals include Watsons which is owned by Hutchison Group.

Mannings is Hong Kong's largest health and beauty products chain store, with more than 350 outlets throughout the territory, providing a wide range of quality health care, personal care, skin care and baby products to a broad spectrum of consumers. It has also been proactively providing innovative services and leading the industry to serve the needs of health and beauty for the general public. Mannings has been awarded by the Hong Kong Retail Management Association's through their Mystery Shopper Program as the "Best Service Retailer" for six consecutive years. Mannings has also been voted as the “No.1 Customers’ Favorite Brand" in a customer’s telephone survey conducted by Ipsos for 13 consecutive years (2004 to 2016).