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Sign of the Mannkal Economic Education Foundation on the main door on Hood Street.

The Mannkal Economic Education Foundation is a free market think tank headquartered in Perth, Western Australia.[1]


The think tank is located at 3/31 on Hood Street in Subiaco, Western Australia, a suburb of Perth.[2]


It was founded in 1997 by Executive Director Ron Manners.[1] Since its founding, Mannkal has sent 500 students to various conferences in Australia and overseas.[1]

Mannkal aims to "strengthen the free market system in Western Australia and Australia, by promoting ideals of voluntary co-operation, choice, personal rights, limited government and responsible resourcefulness of individuals."[3] It does this by financing and organising:

  • Events that allow individuals to exchange ideas defending free markets.
  • Seminars and student scholarships to promote the greater understanding of the concepts that underpin free societies.
  • Policy papers on relevant topics pertaining to Western Australia.
  • An alternative book store for economic and Australian history books.

It maintains the Project Western Australia with the Institute of Public Affairs.[4]

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