Mannus Correctional Centre

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Mannus Correctional Centre
Location Tumbarumba, New South Wales
Coordinates 35°47′S 147°58′E / 35.79°S 147.96°E / -35.79; 147.96Coordinates: 35°47′S 147°58′E / 35.79°S 147.96°E / -35.79; 147.96
Status Operational
Security class Minimum (male)[1]
Periodic detention centre (males and females)
Capacity 164 (full-time)[2]
Managed by Corrective Services NSW

Mannus Correctional Centre, an Australian minimum security prison for males, is located 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) south of Tumbarumba, New South Wales. The centre is operated by Corrective Services NSW an agency of the Department of Attorney General and Justice of the Government of New South Wales. The centre detains sentenced felons under New South Wales and/or Commonwealth legislation.

The centre also serves as a weekend periodic detention centre for both male and female inmates who are employed on community projects.[2]

The centre publishes an anthology of poetry, short stories, songs and photographs of art work by the centre's inmates called Authors and Artists of Mannus. The anthology is currently in its sixth edition as of 2010.[3]

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