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Mano Maritime Ltd
Industry Cruise line
Founder Moshe Mano
Headquarters Haifa, Israel
Area served
Services Shipping operations
Owner Moshe Mano
Parent Mano Holdings Group
Subsidiaries Mano Holidays
Mano Logistics

Mano Maritime (Hebrew: מנו ספנות, Mano Sapanut) is a shipping company founded by the Israeli entrepreneur Moshe Mano, and is a subsidiary of the Mano Holdings Group. It engages in shipping activities including various types of cargo ships, passengers ships and other services. The company was ranked among Dun’s top 100 companies in Israel.[1] Moshe Mano is the founder, owner, chairman and president of the company.


In the 1930s, Moshe’s father, Mordechai Mano (born in Thessaloniki, Greece), immigrated to Israel with his family when he was nine to what was then the British Mandate of Palestine along with a group of pioneers who built the Port of Haifa.[citation needed] He was later involved in the shipping industry in Israel in the 1940s.

His son, Moshe Mano was born in 1955 in Haifa, and received education in the field of shipping. In his thirties, he established a shipping company, following his father's ambition and bearing his name – Mano Maritime. Mano Maritime became an independent company, active both in cruise and cargo shipping. Over the years the company further diversified its activities as part of the Mano Holdings Group; the Mano Group now also focuses on real estate, hotels, technology and other areas.

Cargo Lines and Fleet[edit]

Capture bulk carrier

Mano Maritime is involved in various fields of the shipping business as owner, operator and manager of cargo liners. It offers services in international maritime transports, including transport services for all types of containers, cargoes and bulk freight via a dedicated fleet ships. Mano Maritime also serves as representative and general agent in Israel for the Japanese shipping company K Line, and also represents the Neptune Line shipping company in Israel. Furthermore, it acts as the local agent for various shipping lines based in Spain, Ukraine, Greece, Germany and Russia. Mano Maritime also transports coal to the Israel Electric Corporation’s power plants in Israel.

Cruise Ship[edit]

The former MS Royal Iris docked in Haifa Port. The Royal Iris left the fleet in 2014.

Mano Maritime owns the cruise liner, the MS Golden Iris which it acquired in 2009. The ship has been described as like a "floating hotel" in Mano's advertisements, functioning as recreation centres throughout the cruise. The Golden Iris features a spa, a fitness center, sunbathing decks, a James Richardson duty-free shop, a hairdressing salon, a dining room, bars, clubs, a casino and a swimming pool.

During the cruise season in Israel, which usually lasts from March through November, Mano operates vacation cruises along the coasts of the Mediterranean, the Black Sea and to various destinations in Europe. Among its destinations are Venice, Kotor, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Santorini, Palermo, Nice, Dubrovnik, Rhodes, Crete, Larnaca etc.

At all cruise ship destinations, Mano organizes professional tours to local tourist attractions.

Ship Built In service Tonnage Status as of 2010
Golden Iris 1975 2009–Present 17,496 GRT In service, as of 2010.[2]

Mano previously operated the converted cruise liner the MS Royal Iris from 2005. She left the fleet in 2014.

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