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central Mindanao
Linguistic classification: Austronesian
  • Central
  • North
  • West
Glottolog: mano1276[1]
Geographic extent of Manobo languages based on Ethnologue maps

The Manobo languages are a group of languages spoken in the Philippines. All go by the name Manobo or Banobo. Their speakers are primarily located around Northern Mindanao, Central Mindanao (presently called SOCCSKSARGEN) and Caraga regions where they are natively spoken. Some outlying groups make Manobo geographically discontiguous as other speakers can be located as far as the southern peninsula of Davao Oriental, southern parts of Davao del Sur and coastal areas of Sultan Kudarat. The Kagayanen speakers are the most extremely remote and can be found in certain portions of Palawan.


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