Manokwari Metropolitan Area

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Manokwari Metro Area


Bird's Head Peninsula
Metropolitan Statistical Area
Map of Manokwari Metro Area
Country United States
State(s) West Papua
Largest city Manokwari
Other cities Amban, Nuni, Insjoerifoeri
 • Total 3,383 sq mi (8,760 km2)
Highest elevation 9,645 ft (2,940 m)
Lowest elevation 0 ft (0 m)
 • Total 286,079 (2,010 est.)

The Manokwari-Northeastern Bird's Head Peninsula Metropolitan Statistical Area , also known as the Manokwari Metropolitan Area or Northeastern Bird's Head Peninsula, is the most populous metro area in the province of West Papua. It is also the second largest metro area in the region of Indonesian Papua. In addition to Manokwari, West Papua's capital and largest city, the Manokwari metropolitan area spans up to more than 3,000 square miles and had a total 2010 population of 286,079. The area also includes up to 8 cities, 9 towns, and 13 tribal villages with unknown names.

Cities of the Metro Area[edit]

  1. Manokwari (136,302)
  2. Insjoerifoeri (36,251)
  3. Nuni (27,159)
  4. Kaironi (15,753)
  5. Amban (12,256)
  6. Kasbediri (12,127)
  7. Maboi (8,895)
  8. Omi (6,622)

Towns of the Metro Area[edit]

  1. Warburmi (5,691)
  2. Warbiadi (4,201)
  3. Irai (3,148)
  4. Tshinega (3,091)
  5. Toebisjima (2,758)
  6. Maikoe (2,502)
  7. Mincatobori (2,271)
  8. Lefikbri (2,054)
  9. Koffo (1,998)

Tribal Villages[edit]

These small populated areas are mostly found scattered throughout the Arfak Mountains. Although, these places have unknown names that make them difficult to find. On the first census in 2010, census workers finally counted the population and number of villages since they journey through that region themselves to find them. The largest village had a population of 961. The total population for all of the villages was about 3,000.