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Manolita Saval (5 February 1914 in Paris, France – 23 August 2001 in Mexico City, Mexico) was a Spanish actress and singer.

Family and life[edit]

She was born in Paris of Spanish parents and named 'Juana María Saval'.[1]

She was the mother of the actor Manuel Saval,[1] and the niece of the Spanish opera singer Vicente Ballester Aparício.[2]

Saval died in Mexico City on August 23, 2001 of cardiac arrest due to thrombosis.[1]


She studied music and drama in Spain, and began her career performing the opera Marina in Valencia. As a lyric interpreter, she toured Latin America, eventually settling in Mexico in 1938.[1] Over the course of her career, she appeared in over 30 films and television programs, as well as in plays, operettas, and operas.[1][3]


In a review of her film debut in El capitán aventurero, the New York Times described her as "a new and charming Mexican actress."[4]




  • Un amor en la sombra (1960)
  • Divorciadas (1961)
  • La duda (1967)
  • La casa de las fieras (1967) as Mercedes
  • El padre Guernica (1968)
  • La hiena (1973)
  • Mundo de juguete (1974)
  • Querer volar (1980) as Paquita
  • Vivir enamorada (1982) as Merceditas
  • Madres egoístas (1 episode, 1991) as Rosario
  • Muchachitas (1991) as Enriqueta
  • El abuelo y yo (1992)
  • Hasta que la muerte los separe (1 episode, 1994) as Manolita


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