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Manor may refer to:

Land ownership[edit]

  • Manorialism or "manor system", the method of land ownership (or "tenure") in parts of medieval Europe, notably England
  • Lord of the manor, the owner of an agreed area of land (or "manor") under manorialism
  • Manor house, the main residence of the lord of the manor
  • Estate (land), the land (and buildings) that belong to large house, synonymous with the modern understanding of a manor.
  • Manor (in Colonial America), a form of tenure restricted to certain Proprietary colonies
  • Manor (in 17th-century Canada), the land tenure unit under the Seigneurial system of New France


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People with the name[edit]

  • Brison Manor (1952–2023), American football player
  • Ehud Manor (1941–2005), Israeli songwriter, translator, and radio and TV personality
  • Leroy J. Manor (1921–2021), United States Air Force Lieutenant General and pilot
  • Manor Solomon (born 1999), Israeli international association footballer

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