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España Ave. from Manora Condo complex balcony

Manorá (or Manó Râ) is a barrio (neighbourhood) of Asunción, the capital of Paraguay. Its limits are the neighbourhoods of San Jorge, Ycuá Satí, Villa Morra, Santo Domingo, Las Lomas and Madame Lynch. It has a population of 1,898 people. The name of this barrio comes from the Guaraní language: Manó means "dying" and Râ means "to", so it translates "to die for". It is said that the name was given after the beauty of the flowers and trees spread throughout the streets.

España Ave. other side

Several important people in Paraguayan history such as Francisco Solano López were born in this barrio.

Coordinates: 25°17′S 57°34′W / 25.283°S 57.567°W / -25.283; -57.567