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Public company
Industry retailing
Founded Lucerne (1902)
Headquarters Basel
Manor shopping mall in Rapperswil.
Former logo, until 2017.
Manor in Basel's St. Jakob-Park.
Manor in Locarno.

Manor AG is a Swiss department store chain with its headquarters in Basel. With an estimated market share of 60%, Manor is Switzerland’s biggest department-store chain. The Manor Group extends to the 64 Manor stores employing some 10,600 personnel, and the Athleticum sports goods chain. The Group, which is owned by Geneva-based Maus Frères Holding, generated total sales of CHF 3 billion in 2013. Manor is positioned in the medium price segment.

Company history[edit]

Brothers Ernest and Henri Maus together with Léon Nordmann opened their first department store in Lucerne in 1902, under the “Léon Nordmann” name. The more familiar “Manor” – a combination of the founders’ Maus and Nordmann surnames – did not appear until a new corporate identity was adopted in about 1965.

All the company’s department stores in German-speaking Switzerland have borne the Manor name since 1994, and all the stores in the rest of the country have carried the name since September 2000. The standardised name has provided Manor with clearer identification, greater market transparency, simplified communications and a nationwide presence. This transformation was brought by Rolando Benedick, the former CEO of Manor.

Major business[edit]

Manor owns several trading names:

  • Manor
  • Manor Food
  • Manora Restaurant / Manora Ristorante
  • Appunto
  • Sanovit

The most known store brands are:

  • Maddison (clothing)
  • Avant Première (clothing)
  • JJBenson (clothing)
  • Yes or No (clothing)
  • Mon coeur (baby clothing)
  • Campus (boys clothing)
  • Inside (girls clothing)
  • Lokal (food)
  • Hausgemacht (food)
  • Bio Natur Plus (food)
  • 1 2 3 (clothing & lingerie)
  • Gran Delizia (food)

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