Wall and crown knot

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Wall and crown knot
Manrope knot.gif
Names Wall and crown knot, Manrope knot
Category Decorative
Related Turk's head knot, Underwriter's knot
ABoK 847
Instructions [1]

A wall and crown knot is a decorative kind of rope button. The original use of the knot was to put at the end of the ropes on either side of a gangway leading onto a ship.

A wall and crown knot consists of a wall knot and a crown knot with doubled strands.[1] A wall knot may be described as an upside down crown knot.[2] The strands of the wall knot go over, under twice, and over, while the strands of the crown knot go under, over twice, and under. In the wall and crown knot they are tied in opposite directions.

This knot is often confused with a Turk's head knot, as both knots have a basket weave pattern.

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