Mansfield Ski Club

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Mansfield Ski Club is a ski resort near the village of Mansfield, Ontario, 80 km northwest of Toronto, Canada.



  • Handle Tow
  • Chalet Magic Carpet (longest in North America)
  • Javelin t-bar
  • Low's Chairlift
  • Devil's Staircase t-bar "Banana Bar" (actually two t-bars side by side)
  • Summit Chairlift


  • Awesome (green)
  • Chalet Run (green)
  • Hemlock (green)
  • Hector's Hill (blue)
  • Javelin (blue)
  • Boomerang (blue)
  • Glades (black)
  • Low's Run (blue)
  • Big Tree (black)
  • Devil's Staircase (black)
  • Breenger (black)
  • Mouse Trap (black)
  • Sully's Dream (black)
  • Piste Off (black)
  • Outer Limits (black)

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Coordinates: 44°11′51″N 80°03′14″W / 44.19752°N 80.05378°W / 44.19752; -80.05378