Manshiya Zabda

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Manshiya Zabda
Manshiya Zabda.jpg
Manshiya Zabda is located in Israel
Manshiya Zabda
Manshiya Zabda
Coordinates: 32°42′15″N 35°11′32″E / 32.70417°N 35.19218°E / 32.70417; 35.19218Coordinates: 32°42′15″N 35°11′32″E / 32.70417°N 35.19218°E / 32.70417; 35.19218
District Northern
Council Jezreel Valley
Founded 1945
Founded by Sons of families from Ilut
Population (2016)[1] 1,256

Manshiya Zabda (Arabic: منشية الزبدة‎; Hebrew: מנשייה זבדה‎), also known as Manshiyet Zabda, is an Arab village in northern Israel. Located to the north of Ramat Yishai, it falls under the jurisdiction of Jezreel Valley Regional Council. In 2016 it had a population of 1,256.[1]


The village was established in 1945 by sons of families from Ilut. Over time the founders were joined by Bedouin and Muslims from the Galilee. The village was recognised by the authorities in 1979.

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