Mansour Bushnaf

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Mansour Bushnaf
Born (1954-10-22) October 22, 1954 (age 64)
Bani Walid, Libya
OccupationNovelist, Playwright, essayist
GenreFiction, Plays, Essays
Notable worksChewing Gum (novel)

Mansour Bushnaf (Arabic: منصور بوشناف‎) (born October 22, 1954)[1] is a Libyan writer. He began his literary career as a playwright and essayist, before writing his debut novel Chewing Gum (novel) which was banned in 2008 in Libya Bushnaf’s essays have appeared in the Al-Hayat, Al-Quds Al-Arabi, Al-Arab and Al-Wasat. The English translation of his novel, Chewing Gum (novel), was published in 2014. He currently lives and writes in Tripoli.


Mansour Bushnaf was born in Bani Walid, a small town, south east of Libyan capital Tripoli. He studied in Bani Walid and Misrata where he began writing and dramatising plays for his school Drama club.[2]

He began writing his essays in Libyan newspapers in 1970's when he was a university student, when he was detained in 1976 by Gaddafi regime and spent 12 years in prison with other Libyan writers and intellectuals. After his release in 1988 Bushnaf wrote several plays that were produced and met wider acclaim in Libya.[3]

Literary career[edit]

Bushnaf wrote several plays, which were performed in Libyan theatres. his first novel, The Night Mirage.. Chewing Gum (Arabic: سراب الليل.. العلكة‎), was published in Arabic in early 2008, by an independent publisher in Cairo but it was soon banned by Libyan authorities from being distributed inside the country. The novel was published in June 2014 by independent publisher DARF Publishers in London with a translation by Mona Zaki.[1]


  • Chewing Gum (novel), DARF Publishers, 2014, ISBN 978-1850772729

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