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Mansour neighbourhood with Dragh and Baghdad International Fair, is the 63rd neighborhood within Mansour district, Baghdad. It is located in northwest Baghdad, which for decades held bakeries, shops, and private clubs. Mansour is located 3 miles (4.8 km) from the Green Zone, and was once home to diplomats and professionals who were wealthy enough to hire guards. By 2007, Mansour had become unsafe as car bombings, kidnappings and killings by Sunni extremists became common.[1] By 2009 the neighborhood had become somewhat safer, with residents returning to their daily routines.[2]


As a result of a mass exodus of original families, Mansour has seen an influx of Sunni families from a lower socioeconomic bracket. These Sunnis are trying to escape the increased Shiite populations in Hayy Al-Jihad, Iskan and Al-Shu'ala. In order to curb this migration, the new arrivals are required to produce a recommendation from an Imam and a friend, relative or neighbour.[1]


Baghdad High School for Girls is in Mansour.[3]