Mansudae Overseas Projects

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Mansudae Overseas Projects
Chosŏn'gŭl 만수대해외개발회사
Revised Romanization Mansudae Haeoe Gaebal Hoesa
McCune–Reischauer Mansudae Haeoe Kaebal Hoesa

Mansudae Overseas Projects is a construction company from North Korea.[1] It is the international commercial division of the Mansudae Art Studio.[2] As of August 2011, it had earned an estimated US$ 160 million overseas building monuments and memorials.[3]

In Namibia, Mansudae Overseas Projects has designed two major projects:

In Senegal, the company built the African Renaissance Monument.[4]

In Benin, the company has built a statue of Béhanzin.[4]

In Botswana, it constructed the Three Dikgosi Monument, also called the Three Chiefs monument.[4]

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, it has built a statue of Laurent-Désiré Kabila.[4]

Mansudae Overseas Projects has also worked on the President Dr. Agostinho Neto Cultural Center in Luanda, Angola.[7][8]


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