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Mantis is the common name of any insect in the order Mantodea, also commonly known as praying mantises. The word itself means "prophet" in Latin and Greek (μάντις). This may also refer to:

In biology:

  • Mantis (genus), a genus of mantises
  • Mantis shrimp, also known as stomatopods, predatory crustaceans
  • Mantidfly (Mantispidae), a small predatory insects whose front legs are similar to those of a praying mantis

In comics:

In computing:

In games:

  • Psycho Mantis, a boss in the videogame Metal Gear Solid
  • The name of an alien insect-like race in the real-time strategy computer game Conquest: Frontier Wars
  • The name of an alien race in the MMORPG Pirate Galaxy
  • XF5700 Mantis, a space sim by MicroPlay in 1992
  • A powered exoskeleton/armored fighting vehicle used in Halo 4

In film and television:

In sports and martial arts:

In other uses:

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