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Mantra is a religious syllable or poem, typically from the Sanskrit language.

Mantra or Manthra may also refer to:

Film, TV and Entertainment[edit]

  • Mantra (actor), Mumbai based actor, television presenter, model, radio jockey and voice over artist
  • Mantra (actress), South Indian actress
  • Mantra (comics), a comic book series written by Mike Barr and published by Malibu Comics in the mid-1990s
  • Mantra (film), a 2007 Telugu language film
  • Mantra Films, Inc., the film company that produces and distributes Girls Gone Wild DVD series


Classical compositions[edit]




  • Mantra (restaurant), a Fusion cuisine restaurant in Boston
  • "Mantra", a commercial software renderer for producing computer-generated imagery; part of the Houdini suite
  • A slogan used as an aid to mental focus or a motto.