Mantra Hiroshima

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Mantra Hiroshima
Studio album by
ReleasedNovember 29, 2010
Recorded"a while ago"
GenreExperimental rock, jazz fusion
LabelRodriguez Lopez Productions
ProducerOmar Rodríguez-López
Omar Rodríguez-López solo chronology
Cizaña de los Amores
Mantra Hiroshima
Omar Rodríguez-López chronology
Mantra Hiroshima
Sin Sin Sin

Mantra Hiroshima is the eighteenth studio album by Omar Rodríguez-López as a solo artist. It is his second record to feature Zach Hill on drums, the first of which was by El Grupo Nuevo de Omar Rodriguez Lopez, titled Cryptomnesia.

The track "Los Tres 'Yo's'" is included on the vinyl edition of Omar's best of compilation, Telesterion, though Mantra Hiroshima itself was the first of Omar's records to not be released in vinyl format.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Acerca de la Vida" – 0:20
  2. "On the First Look" – 2:02
  3. "El Oyente" – 6:24
  4. "Mastering Death" – 1:27
  5. "Los Tres "Yo's"" – 3:03
  6. "Reason and Understanding" – 1:09
  7. "El Hacer" – 6:58
  8. "Hope" – 5:08
  9. "Sobre la Resurrección" – 14:34


Release history[edit]

Region Date Label Format
Worldwide November 29, 2010 Rodriguez Lopez Productions Digital download
Worldwide March 13, 2011 Rodriguez Lopez Productions CD