Mantrap (1983 film)

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Directed by Julien Temple
Written by Richard Burridge
Martin Fry
David Palmer
Stephen Singleton
Julien Temple
Mark White
Starring Martin Fry
David Palmer
Stephen Singleton
Mark White
James Villiers
Lisa Vanderpump
Cinematography Oliver Stapleton
Edited by Paul Edmunds
Distributed by Midnight Films
Polygram Music Video
Running time
55 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Mantrap (also called ABC Mantrap in the United States) is a 1983 short film featuring songs by the musical group ABC.

The film also features James Villiers as the band's manager.


Martin Fry is asked to join the band as they embark on tour heading east through Europe. But at the height of their popularity the band tries to secretly replace Fry with a Russian spy in order to sneak him back behind the iron curtain. It is then up to Martin to battle his doppelganger and make the world safe for New Romantic Synth Pop.


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