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Manu le Malin, a stage name literally meaning "Wily Manu", is a French musician and one of representatives of the hardcore techno & hardtechno genre.[1]

Born in France as Emmanuel Dauchez, Dauchez played for a few years on the European techno scene as it widened. His music's airs of ex-skinhead and the associated hard edge quickly brought him a reputation for hard music.


  • 1997 : Biomechanik (DJ Mix)
  • 1999 : Biomechanik 2 (CD1 : DJ Mix, CD2 : original tracks done with other hardcore musicians)
  • 2002 : Fighting spirit
  • 2003 : Rions noir (roughly "Let Us Laugh Grimly") with the band Palindrome
  • 2005 : "Biomechanik 3 The Final Chapter" (DJ Mix)


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