Manuel Alves Branco, 2nd Viscount of Caravelas

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Manuel Alves Branco, the 2nd Viscount of Caravelas (7 June 1797 – 13 July 1855) was a Brazilian politician, economist, lawyer and magistrate during the period of the Empire of Brazil (1822–1889). [1]


During his political career he was member of Chamber of Deputies, Minister of Justice, Minister of Finance, President of the Cabinet and Senator of the Empire of Brazil. He was four times Minister of Finance - from May 16 to September 19, 1837; from September 1, 1839 to May 18, 1840; from February 2, 1844 to May 2, 1846 and from 22 May to 20 October 1847, resuming the post at November 18, 1847 and holding it till March 8, 1848. He was chairman of the Council of Ministers from 22 August 1847 to 8 March 1848.