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Manuel Komroff. Photo by Carl Van Vechten.

Manuel Komroff (September 7, 1890 – 10 December 1974) was an American playwright, screenwriter, novelist, editor and translator. He was born in New York where he began his working life as a journalist. He also spent some time in Russia during the Russian revolution.

Marco Polo[edit]

One of his most successful publications was his edited version of The Travels of Marco Polo, first published in 1926.[1] He not only added a chapter which was missing in the William Marsden translation, but also revised bits in the Henry Yule editions.[2]


There is a large 48x31" portrait of a 24-year-old, foppish Komroff, dated 1914 by Leon Kroll in the Portland Museum of Art ( Maine). Komroff is standing indoors, 3/4 view (to the knees), dressed to go outside. He's holding a large portfolio of papers in his right hand.


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