Manuel Núñez Tovar

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Manuel Núñez Tovar
Manuel Nunez Tovar.jpg
Manuel Nunez Tovar
Born (1872-09-24)24 September 1872
Caicara de Maturín, Monagas State,
Died 27 January 1928(1928-01-27) (aged 51)
Maracay, Aragua State
Residence Venezuela
Fields Medicine, Entomology
Alma mater Central University of Venezuela

Manuel Nuñez Tovar was a Venezuelan naturalist, researcher, parasitologist and entomologist born in Caicara de Maturín, Monagas State, on September 24, 1872, and died in Maracay, Aragua state, on January 27, 1928. For his work in that discipline, it is considered as the "first Venezuelan entomologist."[1][2]


Nuñez Tovar began his studies at Caicara and later continued in Maturin, where he graduated from high school at age 16. The first two years studied medicine at the Federal College of Barcelona and finished the race at the Central University of Venezuela in 1895.[1]

After graduating returned to Monagas state where he practiced and worked as a doctor of health in 1908. In 1909, with Cesar Flamerich and Rafael Nuñez Isava, was part of the Public Health Commission, and that same year began his studies in entomology. In this discipline studied the importance of insects in the transmission of disease, was the author of numerous papers and Necator americanus identified as the cause of anemia in patients who had suffered from malaria.[2]

After twenty years in Monagas state, Núñez Tovar lived temporarily in Caracas and La Victoria, settling permanently in Maracay after being appointed medical brigade in the garrison of the city. During this time many animal species collected in the valleys of Aragua and around the Lake Valencia. Interestingly, Nuñez never left Venezuela, but different scientists visited the country to personally know the author of a voluminous scientific work included the discovery of several species of mosquito that carry his name.[1][2]

For his scientific work, a high school and University Hospital of Maturin were baptized in his honor and entomologist collection was acquired by the government of Venezuela. This is preserved in the Department of Malariology and Environmental Sanitation, Ministry of Health of Maracay.[2]

Nuñez Tovar Works[edit]

  • Índice dipterológico de Venezuela: con la distribución geográfica por estados. Caracas: Litografía y Tipografía El Comercio, 1924.
  • Insectos venezolanos transmisores de enfermedades. Caracas: Litografía del Comercio, 1921.
  • Mosquitos y flebotomos de Venezuela. Caracas: Litografía y Tipografía del Comercio, 1924.


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