Manuel Penella

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Manuel Penella
Manuel Penella Moreno.png
Manuel Penella Moreno in 1913
Manuel Penella Moreno

(1880-07-31)31 July 1880
Died24 January 1939(1939-01-24) (aged 58)

Manuel Penella Moreno (July 31, 1880 in Valencia – January 24, 1939 in Cuernavaca) was a Spanish composer. His father was the composer Manuel Penella Raga. His daughter Magdalena Penella Silva married the politician Ramón Ruiz Alonso; through her, he was the grandfather of actresses Emma Penella, Elisa Montés and Terele Pávez.

Plácido Domingo took on the role of Rafael in his opera El gato montés, which brought some renewed interest in Penella's work.

Works (not exhaustive)[edit]


Don Gil de Alcalá (opera, 1932).
  • 1893 Cheese Ball, lyrical farce, Valencia
  • 1906 Girls joyous, lyrical interlude, Barcelona
  • 1907 Shallow Hal, zarzuela
  • 1907 Money, lyrical farce, libretto by the composer, Barcelona
  • 1907 Three Kings Day, musical revue in an act
  • 1908 Father cure, lyrical interlude, Valencia
  • 1908 The dog girl, parody of the hometown of Rupert Chapí, Barcelona
  • 1908 The cast, slapstick
  • 1908 Salt foam, operetta in one act, Barcelona
  • 1908 Temptation, lyrical joke
  • 1909 Corpus Christi, lyric drama in one act
  • 1909 black glasses, lyrical farce in one act
  • 1909 Night of the flowers, romance in an act
  • 1909 Among cacti, operetta in one act, Zaragoza
  • 1910 The darling, operetta in three acts
  • 1910 Winners, operetta in one act
  • 1910 Grace and justice, "exhibition" at an event
  • 1910 The Roman whimsical, one-act operetta
  • 1910 Queen of the inks, joke at an event
  • 1911 Strike ladies, joke at an event
  • 1911 The girl kisses, operetta in one act
  • 1911 The blind man in the neighborhood, lyrical farce in one act
  • 1911 The journey of life, operetta in one act
  • 1911 Gender cheerful, lyrical joke in one act
  • 1911 The novel now, in an act adventure
  • 1912 The few years, lyrical farce in one act
  • 1912 Latin Muses, one-act musical revue, Valencia
  • 1914 Gallop of love, one-act operetta
  • 1914 The love doll, Japanese lirical - fantasy operetta in three acts and five scenes.
  • 1914 The Island of the Dolls, in a one slapstick act
  • 1914 's Spain tambourine, españolada in one act
  • 1916 The Wildcat, opera in three acts, Valencia, Teatro Principal.
  • 1917 The last españolada, in one act, libretto by the composer
  • 1917 The love of loves, musical revue in one act, libretto by the composer
  • 1917 The minister's face, in a one-act caricature
  • 1918 Frivolina, operetta in three acts
  • 1918 Lt. Florisel, vaudeville in three acts
  • 1918 Golden Bohemia, zarzuela in three acts
  • 1925 Paradise Lost, in an one scene.
  • 1926 The last warden, operetta in two acts
  • 1927 The Miracle of St. Cornelius, story in an act
  • 1927 The mirror of maidens, sketch in one act
  • 1927 Log of grapes or Happy New Year, in an one lyric act
  • 1928 Ris-Ras, joke in one act
  • 1930 The pirandones, operetta in one act
  • 1930 Queen ham, operetta in two acteos
  • 1930 I'm getting married at sea, operetta in two acts
  • 1930 The gang
  • 1931 -Klan Ku-Kus, musical revue in two acts
  • 1931 Horray for the Republic, a musical revue in two acts, libretto by the composer
  • 1931 Don Amancio the Generous, operetta in three acts, Madrid
  • 1931 The egg of Columbus, vaudeville-magazine-farce in two acts
  • 1932 Don Gil de Alcalá, opera buffa in three acts, Barcelona, New Theatre.
  • 1933 Jazz Band, Operetta in three acts and twelve scenes, libretto by the composer, Madrid, Teatro de la Comedia
  • 1933 Brother Wolf, operetta in three acts, Barcelona
  • 1934 Tana Fedorova, operetta in three acts, Barcelona
  • 1935 The unloved, operetta in three acts, libretto by the copyright in the work of Jacinto Benavente, Barcelona, Victoria Theatre (April 14).


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