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Manuel Rendon is a Venezuelan engineer who invented the first published formulation for the degradation of fossil-based high-density plastics.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7]

The patented technology uses solvation as a chemical process to decompose the polymer chain, which leads to the degradation of any fossil-based plastic with a melting point below 500 °C. The obsolescence time is programmable [1] On plastic-waste regard, pollution is a Global concern given the fact that Oil-based plastic is a substance the earth can't digest,[8] this technology is another effort on solving the issue of the Plastic Pollution introducing an undercover additive derived from the plastic targeted for degradation, hidden in a chemical cloak synthesized via the same plastic targeted for degradation's polymer structure itself, which is partially dissolved to create a cover for a Nano-programmed chemical addition on the inside. When activated this additive first decomposes the current polymer links between monomers and subsequently supplant them for weaker links susceptible to degradation.[9]