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Manuel Lino Rodrigues Vilarinho (born 23 June 1948) is a Portuguese businessman who served as the 32nd president of Portuguese sports club S.L. Benfica.


Born in Lisbon,[1] Vilarinho was elected president of Benfica on 28 October 2000 with 62% of the votes, ousting the incumbent chairman João Vale e Azevedo in the second most contested election in the history of Benfica.[2] In the club's football department, Vilarinho caused head coach José Mourinho to leave Benfica as he preferred the team's former player and coach Toni for the job.[3][4] Vilarinho later regretted his decision as Mourinho went on to be a very successful manager elsewhere.[5]

Vilarinho green-lighted the construction of the new Estádio da Luz, with the team moving to the stadium in 2004. Additionally, he gave his full support to the presidential candidacy of Luís Filipe Vieira, the club's director of football at the time, who became president of Benfica on 31 October 2003.[6] Three years later, Vilarinho was elected as the fifth president of the club's General Assembly on 27 October.[7]


Futsal (3 titles)[edit]

Roller hockey (4 titles)[edit]

Rugby (1 title)[edit]

Personal life[edit]

Vilarinho is married to Mariana Correia da Costa Pereira Caldas, daughter of João Jorge Dargent Pereira Caldas (of maternal French Belgian descent) and Ana Maria Bicker Correia da Costa (of remote Dutch descent).[8]


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Preceded by
João Vale e Azevedo
President of Benfica
Succeeded by
Luís Filipe Vieira