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Don Manuel Luis de Godoy de Bassano y Tudó, Álvarez de Faria y Cathalán (Madrid, March 29, 1805 – Madrid, August 24, 1871) was a Spanish and Italian aristocrat, son of Manuel de Godoy y Alvarez de Faria, Príncipe de la Paz y de Bassano, Duke of Alcudia and Sueca, Secretary of State of the King Charles IV of Spain and his second wife Josefa de Tudó, 1st Countess of Castillo Fiel, Dama de Honor de Su Majestad la Reina y Dama Noble de la Orden de Maria Luisa.

He inherited his mother's titles and / or representations and solely his father's Italian titles and dignities, the one which could only be used through male line, and was 2nd Principe de Bassano y Principe Romano de Godoy (1851), 2nd Conde de Castillo Fiel with a Coat of Arms of de Tudó (of which was passed a successory Royal Order on October 28, 1870, not getting to receive Royal Dispatch for having died almost subsequently), Knight of the Habit of the Spanish Military Order of Santiago (1867), Bailly Great Cross of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Commander of the Order of Christ in Rome, and the Order of Avis in Portugal, etc.

Marriage and children[edit]

He married in Paris, November 15, 1827, with María Carolina Crowe y O’Donovan O’Neill (London, 1807 – Paris, December 4, 1878), an Irish-Spanish (who was maid of honour to the Empress Eugénie de Montijo), the daughter of Sir Lawrence Crowe, Lord of St Stephen's Green House, and Lucinda O’Donovan O’Neill, both from Dublin, Ireland, and had five children:

  • Manuel de Godoy de Bassano y Crowe (Paris, October 31, 1828 – April 14, 1896), 3rd Prince of Godoy and of Bassano, 3rd Count of Castillo Fiel, married 1st in 1856 with Doña María del Pilar de Sola y Fuentes, with issue died in his lifetime, and married 2nd in 1878 with Doña Rosa Carolina Victoria Eloisa Nöel y Stolz (Paris, February 13, 1815 – July 30, 1907), Baroness of Ketschendorff and Stolzenau, without issue, dowager in 1st marriage of Mr. Auguste Lecuyer, lawyer of Rouen, Director of the Théâtre de la Monnaie de Bruxelles, and former longtime mistress of Ernest II, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.
  • Matilde de Godoy de Bassano y Crowe (Paris, 1830 – Madrid, 1901), 4th Countess of Castillo Fiel (1896). She married in 1853 1st with Don Felix Martín y Romero, Superior Chief of Civil Administration (a high-level civil servant), Commander of the Order of Charles III, Secretary of HCM [Her Catholic Majesty], and married 2nd with Don Bernardo Bruzón y Rodriguez. Her only daughter, Doña María Martín Romero y de Godoy (Madrid, 1856 – 1904), 5th Countess of Castillo Fiel (1901), married 2nd with Don Eduardo Crespo y Gálvez del Postigo (Málaga, 1838 – Madrid, 1893), Alcalde de Málaga, Gentil Hombre de Su Majestad. With issue.
  • Josefa de Godoy de Bassano y Crowe (París, 1834 – Valladolid, 1882), 2nd Viscountess of Roca Fuerte, Dama de la Orden de María Luisa (27 February 1871), married 1st with Don Juan de Lara y de Irigoyen (Vigo, 1808 – Madrid, 1869), Lieutenant General, General Captain of Valencia and the Philippines Islands, Ministry of War, without issue, and married 2nd with Don Hermógenes García de Samaniego y del Castillo, Lieutenant General, General Captain of Castilla La Nueva, without issue.
  • Carlos de Godoy de Bassano y Crowe (Roma, December 12, 1835 – La Habana, March 1, 1862), married in 1859 with Doña Francisca Díaz Cañizares y de Pina. His only daughter, Doña Francisca de Godoy y Diaz Cañizares, still living in 1871 in San Jose de Arroyo Blanco, Santo Spiritus, La Habana, Cuba, where she died later.
  • Dona María Luisa Cristina (Marie Louise Christine) de Godoy de Bassano y Crowe, de Tudó y O'Donovan (Marseille, January 12, 1839 – Paris, January 28, 1880), married firstly in Paris, August 4, 1859 Ernest Alexandre Louis Charles Napoléon Auguste, Prinz von Looz und Corswarem (Bonlez, September 5, 1834 – Bonlez, December 12, 1868), son of Charles Franz Wilhelm Ferdinand 6th Herzog von Looz und Corswarem, and wife Hermine Anna Gertrude Jacqueline Baronne van Lockhorst, and had three children, secondly with William Abbott, without issue, and thirdly with Richard Seaver, Major of the British Army, without issue:
    • Charles Emmanuel Ernest Alexander Arnold 8th Herzog von Looz und Corswarem (in succession of his uncle the 7th Herzog Charles Leopold August Ludwig Philipp, who deceased leaving only female issue now extinct) (Chateau de Niel, Paris, April 15, 1860 – August 8, 1946), etc., married in Paris, January 25, 1890, annulled by trial of February 20, 1891, Maria Helena de Portugal de Faria, 1st Pontificious Countess de Portugal de Faria (Lisbon, March 19, 1866 – November 20, 1957), daughter of Augusto de Faria, 1st Visconde de Faria, and wife Maria do Ó Barreiros Arrobas de Portugal da Silveira de Barros e Vasconcelos, without issue
    • Manuela Prinzessin von Looz und Corswarem (Chateau de Niel, Paris, November 5, 1861 – January 31, 1919), married on June 13, 1881 Henri André Othon, Baron de Bogaerde de Terbruggen (? – September 26, 1896)
    • Ludwig Prinz von Looz und Corswarem (Bonlez, Belgique, March 20, 1867 – July 15, 1921), unmarried and without issue


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