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Manuela Kay
Manuela Kay PFF2013.jpg
Manuela Kay (2013
Born 1964 (1964)
Occupation writer
Nationality German

Manuela Kay (born 1964 in Berlin) is a German lesbian journalist, writer, film-maker, and magazine editor.

Life and career[edit]

After finishing her studies, Kay worked as a journalist on various radio programmes. She made several videos on lesbian sexuality and pornography. In 1994 she and Silke Dunkhorst made the first German lesbian pornographic film, Airport, set at Tegel Airport and in the S & M club scene and depicting air stewardesses and leather dykes.[1][2][3][4] An earlier collaborative video, Du Darfst (1992) and her Latex Hearts (1993) brought safe sex and morality for lesbians to the German-speaking screen for the first time.[4] During the 1990s and until 2005 Kay worked for the Berlin International Film Festival and the Teddy Award, the official queer award at the Berlin International Film Festival.[5] She has also been a co-organiser of the Berlin Porn Film Festival,[1][6] and a curator at the Gay Museum in Berlin, where an exhibition she organised attracted attention by comparing Bruce Willis's behavior to that of lesbians.[7][8] She frequently lectures at queer film festivals. In 2005 the woman-only world premiere of her "Making Lesbian Pornography" at the inaugural Liverpool Lesbian and Gay Film Festival was a sell-out.[9][10] She appears as one of the lesbians whose experiences are contrasted with those of gay men such as Albrecht Becker in Rosa von Praunheim's 2008 documentary, Tote Schwule, Lebende Lesben (Dead Gay Men and Living Lesbians).[11][12]

Kay has written two books of advice for lesbians (Schöner Kommen, 2000, now in its 4th edition, and Diese Liebe Nehm' Ich Mir, 2001) and co-written books about lesbianism and queer film, and is also the author of numerous articles on lesbian themes. From 1996 to 2005 she was editor-in-chief and the only lesbian at Siegessäule, a prominent gay magazine which she converted into a gay and lesbian magazine.[13][14] Since its launch in 2003, Kay has been editor-in-chief of the only nationwide German lesbian magazine, L.Mag.[2][14][15][16][17]



  • Du Darfst (1992)
  • Latex Hearts (1993)
  • (with Silke Dunkhorst) Airport (1994)


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