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Manufacture Modules Technologies MMT
IndustryWireless, Life Sciences, Biotech, Horology
Key people
Philippe Fraboulet, CEO

Manufacture Modules Technologies Sarl is a Swiss company established in Geneva in 2015 and originally specialised in the development and commercialization of "Horological Smartwatch modules", firmware, apps and cloud. Located at Skylab, one of Geneva’s main high-tech hubs, it has lately expanded into the development and manufacturing of "E-Straps" operated with a mobile application.[1] The company offers firmware, a cloud, manufacturing, service and over-the-air facilities for upgrades. The company also offers its own apps, which bear the label “Swiss Made software”.[2]

In July 2016, Union Horlogere Holding and MMT have been spun-out of the Frédérique Constant Group.[3]

Philippe Fraboulet is the new CEO of MMT Swiss Connect.[4]

The initial licensees were Frederique Constant, Alpina and Mondaine. Together, they offer ten different models in designer collections for both women and men.[5] Fullpower creates and manages the circuit design, firmware, smartphone applications (including sleep activity), as well as the cloud Infrastructure. MMT manages the Swiss watch movement development and production as well as licensing and support for the Swiss watch industry.[6][7]

Manufacture Module Technologies Sarl Fullpower Technologies Inc. 19.99% share was acquired by Union Horlogere Holding BV, giving it 100% of shares in MMT.[8]


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