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Manufacturing, Science and Finance logo.jpg
Full name Manufacturing, Science and Finance
Founded 1988
Date dissolved 2001
Merged into Amicus
Members 604,000 (1991)
Affiliation TUC, CSEU
Key people Clive Jenkins, Ken Gill, Roger Lyons
Country United Kingdom

Manufacturing, Science and Finance (or the Manufacturing, Science and Finance Union; almost exclusively known as MSF) was a trade union in Britain. Over eighty members of Parliament (primarily members of the Labour Party) were members.


The MSF was the result of a merger in January 1988 between the Association of Scientific, Technical and Managerial Staffs (ASTMS) and the Technical, Administrative and Supervisory Section (TASS). In 1991, it had 604,000 members, but this fell to 446,000 in 1996, the most rapid decline of any major British union.[1]

In 2001 the MSF merged with the Amalgamated Engineering and Electrical Union to form Amicus. The General Secretary of MSF from 1992 until the merger with Amicus was Roger Lyons, who continued as Joint General Secretary of Amicus's MSF section. In 2007 Amicus merged with the TGWU to form Unite.


Several unions amalgamated with the MSF:


General Secretaries[edit]

1988: Clive Jenkins and Ken Gill
1988: Ken Gill
1992: Roger Lyons

Assistant General Secretaries[edit]

1988: Roger Lyons and Barbara Switzer
1992: John Chowcat and Barbara Switzer
1997: John Chowcat


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