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Manugistics Group
Industry Software Services & Applications
Founded 1969 (as STSC)[1]
Headquarters Rockville, Maryland, United States
Products Prepackaged Software[2]
Revenue $176 million USD (2006)[3]
Number of employees
875 (2006)[4]

Manugistics Group, Inc. was a company that developed and marketed software applications, principally for resource planning and supply chain management, with offices in over 30 countries.[citation needed] The company was a provider of demand, supply, and transportation planning software, with several very large-scale customers, particularly in the food production industry.

JDA Software acquired the firm in July 2006.


Manugistics originated in 1969 in Bethesda, Maryland as Scientific Time Sharing Corporation (STSC) with some of the people who originally implemented APL as a programming language at IBM.[5] Until 1980, the company developed and marketed a broad range of computer software and services, including international computer time-sharing services. In 1980, STSC began developing and marketing a line of operational decision-support software while continuing its other product lines. The company changed its name from STSC, Inc. to Manugistics, Inc. in May 1992. Later it sold the APL compiler business to APL2000 (later APLNow). Continued financial problems starting in 1998, tough competition from vendors of similar software, and the dot-com crash brought about the steady deterioration of Manugistics. After struggling for 9 years, it returned to positive numbers in 2006 and finally was sold off to rival retail-demand-chain software maker JDA Software Group, Inc.[6]

Major Acquisitions[edit]

  • Digital Freight Exchange, Inc. (DFE)
  • Western Data Systems of Nevada, Inc. (WDS)
  • SpaceWorks Inc.
  • PartMiner CSD, Inc.
  • One Release, LLC
  • STG Holdings, Inc.
  • Talus Solutions, Inc.
  • TYECIN Systems, Inc.
  • ProMIRA Software, Inc.
  • Synchronology Group Ltd.
  • Avyx, Inc.
  • Marketing Systems GmbH


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