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Origin San Diego
Genres Ambient, indie rock, post rock, acoustic/electronica
Years active 2004–present
Labels 500 Records of Three Ring
Loud and Clear
Associated acts The Black Heart Procession, The Album Leaf, Tristeza, Devics, Horse Stories, Sara Lov, The Incredible Moses Leroy, Softlightes, Ilya, Via Satellite, Maquiladora, By Sunlight

Manuok is an American solo musical project founded in San Diego, California in 2004 by Scott Mercado. Scott Mercado (not of Candlebox) (born January 22, 1976) is an American musician, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. He was born in Montrose, Scotland and currently resides in San Diego. He is currently a member of Manuok, Sara Lov, Mr. Tube,and Via Satellite[1][2] and Venice, Italy's Grimoon.[3] His primary instruments are vocals, guitar, keys, and drums – but has appeared on organ, percussion, glockenspiel, and bass. He has recorded internationally alongside The Album Leaf, Horse-Stories (Australia – Europe), Mr. Tube, Maquiladora (Acuarela – Spain), The Soft Lightes (Modular), Pilotram (Transient Frequency – USA), Trost (Minty Fresh,Four Music), Tristeza (Better Looking, Bella Union), Devics (Filter, Bella Union), Via Satellite (Loud and Clear – USA, Human Highway – Japan),Grimoon (Italy), and many more. He is also an accomplished recording engineer, recently recording Grimoon's (Venice,Italy) "Super 8"[4]



Manuok officially began in 2004 as the solo project of Scott, guitarist for San Diego-based post-rock instrumental band Via Satellite. Mercado has also performed in several other San Diego-area bands, including The Black Heart Procession, Tristeza, Maquiladora, Devics, Sara Lov,Grimoon, The Incredible Moses Leroy,Ilya, Team Abraham, low cloud cover, and pilotram (Duane Pitre)[5]

Self Titled[edit]

In between tours and recording with The Black Heart Procession, The Album Leaf, and Via Satellite, Scott Mercado began recording material at home. When Drew Andrews and Tim Reece began spending more time with The Album Leaf, Scott's label Loud and Clear (owned by Brad Lee asked for more material. The album was followed by a tour opening for The Album Leaf and then later with The Black Heart Procession. Torrance, RandB, and Aheadwithnobody were featured in television Bulbo. Maria Oden (as well as unreleased songs) we featured in the film Almost Romeo.[6] NoMeToucherPas was featured in the film The Duty of Living.[7]

No End To Limitations[edit]

Following the release of the first record and touring, Scott's toured constantally in the bands Devics, The Black Heart Procession and Tristeza for a period of three/four years. In between tours and recording, Manuok recorded and toured as much as possible. Parts of the album were recorded in Berlin, San Diego, Italy, and East Los Angeles where Scott recorded his grandfather telling stories. Scott's grandfather Francisco Mercado, Jr. (and his passing) would become a large influence on his next two records. During this same time, signed to San Francisco's 500 Records and Venice, Italy's Macaco Records.

The Old Horse[edit]

In the midst of touring more in Europe with Sara Lov and manuok, Scott recorded The Old Horse. Released in 2010 on 500 Records and Macaco Records, this album is the last to feature the voice of Scott's grandfather.[8] This album features mostly softer material featuring the pump organ, piano, and acoustic guitar. The song "Carcerate" was used in the documentary Scribble 08 and "Untitled" was featured on the Sigur Rós website.[9]

Scribble 08[edit]

In Nov 2009, Scott recorded a soundtrack for the art documentary Scribble 08 featuring interviews with Jeff Soto, Camille Rose Garcia, Joe Sorren, and more.[10]


Traps was released in 2013 by Macaco Records (Italy), 500 Records (USA), and Kilk Records (Japan).[11] Written during and between national and international tours, "Traps" is much heavier than previous albums [12] and is the first album recorded almost entirely with the touring band.[13]

Live band members[edit]


  • Scott Peter Mercado – producer, engineer, mixing, instrumentation
  • Erik Berg – bass, vocals
  • Geoff Hill, drums, glockenspiel
  • Jeff Grasmick, drums, guitar, gass, glockenspiel
  • Andrew Trecha, guitar


  • Brad Lee
  • Matt Mournian
  • Dario Izzarious
  • Russel White
  • Sean Taugher
  • Jarrod Chilton



Compilation appearances[edit]

TV and film uses[edit]

  • "Torrance" was featured in television Un Paso for Bulbo TV.
  • "RandB" was featured in television Un Paso for Bulbo TV.
  • "Aheadwithnobody" was featured in television Un Paso for Bulbo TV.
  • "Maria Oden" was featured in Almost Romeo.[6]
  • "NoMeToucherPas" was featured in the film The Duty of Living.[7]
  • "Carcerate" was used in Scribble 08[14]
  • "Nc" was featured in the short documentary "Four Sisters."


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