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Manus McGuire is an Irish fiddle player born in Tullamore, and grew up in County Sligo, now residing in County Clare.[1] In 1970, he won Sligo's prestigious "Fiddler of Dooney" competition, at age 14.[2] He is a founding member (with older brother Seamus, Jackie Daly and Garry O'Briain) of "Buttons and Bows", "Moving Cloud" (with Paul Brock, Maeve Donnelly, Kevin Crawford and Carl Hession), and "The Brock McGuire Band" (with Paul Brock, Enda Scahill and Denis Carey; Fergal Scahill and Dennis Morrison have also played with the band). Both brothers were medical doctors; Seamus lives in Donegal.[3][4]

Now Manus performs mainly as a solo artist, and with Canadian singer/songwriter Emily Flack.


  • The Humours of Lissadell (with Seamus McGuire, Folk Legacy, 1980)
  • Carousel (with Seamus McGuire & Daithi Sproule, Gael Linn, 1984)
  • Buttons & Bows (by Buttons & Bows, Green Linnet, 1984)[5]
  • First month of Summer (by Buttons & Bows, Green Linnet, 1987)
  • Grace Notes (by Buttons & Bows, Gael Linn, 1991)
  • Moving Cloud (by Moving Cloud, Green Linnet, 1995)
  • Foxglove (by Moving Cloud, Green Linnet, 1998)
  • Saffron & Blue (Green Linnet, 2000)
  • Brock McGuire Band (Ferndale, 2004)
  • Fiddlewings (2006)
  • Green Grass Blue Grass (with Ricky Skaggs et al, 2011)
  • The Return of Spring (by Buttons & Bows, 2015)[6]


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