Rumpless Game fowl

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Manx Rumpy
Other names
  • Rumpless Game
  • Persian Rumpless
Country of origin United Kingdom
  • Male: Standard: 2.3–2.7 kg
    Bantam: 620–740 g
  • Female: Standard: 1.8–2.3 kg
    Bantam: 510–620 g
Egg color tinted[1]
Comb type single
PCGB rare hard feather[2]

The Rumpless Game[3] is a British breed of tail-less chicken.[4] It may have originated on the Isle of Man[5] and may thus be known as the Manx Rumpy.[6] There are both standard-sized and bantam Rumpless Game.[1]


The Rumpless Game, like all other tail-less breeds such as the Araucana and the Barbu d'Everberg, lacks the uropygium from which the tail grows.[1][7] It is a hard-feathered breed, with a single comb and small wattles and earlobes. All colours are acceptable under the standard of the Poultry Club of Great Britain.[8]

Rumpless Game males weigh 2.3–2.7 kilograms (5–6 lb) and hens 1.8–2.3 kg (4–5 lb).[1]

In the United States[edit]

The British breed has never been imported to the United States.[9] In 1958 some tail-less birds of Iranian origin were crossed with other breeds to produce an approximation of the British type, and the name "Manx Rumpy" applied to them,[9] perhaps by analogy with the tail-less Manx cat.[6] The Livestock Conservancy recommends that they be called "Persian Rumpless".[9] They are not recognised by the American Poultry Association.[8] They are good layers of brown eggs, and may also occasionally lay white, blue, or green eggs.[6]

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