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Developer(s) Visicom Media Inc.
Initial release March 22, 2006; 12 years ago (2006-03-22)[1][2][3]
Stable release
6.5 (Windows),[4]
August 23, 2018; 28 days ago (2018-08-23)
6.4 (macOS)[5]
May 29, 2018; 3 months ago (2018-05-29)
Written in C++
Operating system Windows, macOS
Available in English, Japanese, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian
Type Software
License Proprietary

ManyCam is a free live streaming software and video switcher that allows users to add multiple video sources to their live videos and access tons of features while live on a video call or live stream. This software, developed by Visicom Media Inc., is available for Windows and Mac operating systems. With ManyCam, users can add up to 12 video sources, varying between multiple cameras, desktop screencast, images, videos, and apps.

It’s recommended for anyone creating live streams or making video calls and conferences. Because it’s also a webcam software, ManyCam can be connected as a virtual webcam to nearly all video calling apps, like Skype and Google Hangouts. During a video chat, users can adjust their image (brightness, contrast, and color), as well as, add effects and apply all available features. It was placed as the number one webcam software alternative due to its compatibility with many other applications and available features on Windows Report.

With over 60 million downloads worldwide, ManyCam helps users deliver engaging and creative live videos. Many online teachers use this software to add effects and digital props to their classes. They also use the Chroma Key feature to change their background and the Picture-in-Picture feature to keep in contact with the students. Businesses also use ManyCam because they can share their computer screens and specific applications, which makes it easy to do online business presentations and conduct video conferences. What’s more, anyone that makes video calls or create live streams can benefit from its features.

More About ManyCam[edit]

On October 2, 2013, ManyCam LLC was acquired by Visicom Media Inc. Visicom Media Inc. was established in 1996 and is a leading developer and pioneer of Internet application technologies. ManyCam has come a long way since then, with several updates and releases. On August 17, 2017, Visicom Media Inc. launched ManyCam 6 with hardware acceleration and overall performance improvements, enhanced features and a customizable interface to help users increase their productivity.

With the free version, users get two video sources, HD resolutions, limited Picture-in-Picture feature, unlimited effects, transitions, streaming to multiple platforms and other limited features. Apart from the free version, since 2017, ManyCam implemented a subscription model and currently offers plans and subscriptions, with different price ranges and features. Users can choose between yearly subscriptions or lifetime, which gives them access to all new updates and versions during the period of their subscription.

ManyCam most popular features are the multiple video sources, multiple channel broadcast, picture-in-picture, screen sharing and the effects panel. With the multiple channel broadcast, users can go live on Facebook and YouTube at the same time, or any other platform they choose. They can also use ManyCam on multiple applications at once. When it comes to screen sharing, users can find many options within the software. They can share their entire screen, choose between monitors, select custom areas or the area under the cursor, and they can select specific apps or hidden windows.

The effects feature on ManyCam, allows users to apply objects, face accessories and masks, backgrounds, boards and overlays to their videos. They can be downloaded from the Effects Gallery, where users can find over 6000 effects created by ManyCam and by other users. Online ESL teachers use these effects to develop games and reward systems for their students. All users can create their own effects and personalize their live video.

There’s also the ManyCam App, which is a mobile application, available for iOS and Android, that allows users to live stream on the go with multiple video sources and other features. This app can also be connected to the desktop software and transform users’ devices into webcams for their live videos.

For Windows users, ManyCam released in 2018, their new game capture module which allows gamers to stream their games live. ManyCam harnesses the power of the users’ GPU with support for many popular video encoders, so it doesn’t use up their CPU. Users can also use an overlay to control their streaming and easily connect to Twitch.

Releases by version and date[edit]

Version and Date Features and Additions
Version 5.5.0 (11/02/2016)
  • Direct live streaming to YouTube.
  • Login process simplified.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.
Version 5.4.1 (09/13/2016)
  • Translations added.
  • RTMP Authorization fixed
Version 5.4.0 (09/08/2016)
  • Major RTMP streaming improvements (authorization, RTMPS, RTMPE and RTMPT).
  • New UI to make streaming even easier!
  • Direct live streaming to Facebook.
  • ManyCam Mobile [ BETA ] support.
  • Play/Pause for local media file and YouTube sources.
  • Click on the video source to play and pause.
  • HTML notification fix.
  • Standard users can now enjoy 1 custom watermark and rename their virtual camera.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.
Version 5.3.2 (08/30/2016)
  • Fixed a driver signature issue for new Windows 10 installations (version 1607).
Version 5.3.1 (08/10/2016)
  • Fixed a driver compatibility issue with Windows 10 Anniversary.
Version 5.3.0 (05/23/2016)
  • Major IP Camera improvements.
  • Added MJPEG support for webcams with HD or Full HD resolutions to improve FPS.
  • Various bug fixes, stability & performance improvements.
Version 5.2.0 (04/12/2016)
  • New Custom Watermarks feature (for Studio and Enterprise only).
  • New Custom Lower Third feature.
  • Various bug fixes, stability & performance improvements.
Version 5.1.0 (12/21/2015)
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements including:
  • Game capture feature bugs resolved
  • Issues with consistency of H264 camera usage resolved
  • Automated software update process introduced
  • Added in-app flexible notification system
  • Website login and password now linked to software login
Version 5.0.5 (09/24/2015)
  • Fixed bug with Object effects created by users (wrong scale).
  • Fixed bug with IP cameras when using network proxy settings.
  • Fixed bug with IP cameras authorization.
  • Fixed bug with playlist scheduler.
  • Added ability to drag zoomed picture (in picture in picture mode).
  • Various bug fixes, stability and performance improvements.
Version 5.0.4 (09/01/2015)
  • H.264 bug fix for ManyCam Studio.
Version 5.0.3 (08/24/15)
  • New and more flexible UI design with support for HiDPI displays.
  • New Chroma Key feature(Studio and Enterprise only).
  • New Motion Detection feature (Studio and Enterprise only).
  • Windows 10 support.
  • More accessible options with Standard, Studio, and Enterprise editions.
  • Use up to 12 video sources (Studio and Enterprise only).
  • Improved Draw tab (history, transparency).
  • New Noise Suppression feature.
  • New Save Effects Presets feature.
  • Removable watermark (Standard, Studio, Enterprise only).
  • Added Custom duration for each item in playlist.
  • Various bug fixes, stability & performance improvements.

Features of ManyCam 4 - Mac OS[edit]

Releases by version and date[edit]

Version and Date Features and Additions
Version 4.2.3 (10/25/16)
  • Fixed few issues related to macOS Sierra.
  • Various bug fixes, stability and performance improvements.
Version 4.2.1 (09/16/16)
  • New Chroma Key feature (Studio and Enterprise only).
  • ManyCam Mobile [ BETA ] support.
  • New YouTube Video Source allows you to stream and broadcast videos found on YouTube.
  • Various bug fixes, stability and performance improvements.
Version 4.1.0 (06/03/16)
  • Added IP camera support. Add an IP/Web-based cameras as a ManyCam video source.
  • Added H264 support for IP cameras (Studio and Enterprise only).
  • Fixed bug with desktop capture for 2 monitors.
  • Various bug fixes, stability and performance improvements.
Version 4.0.5 (03/21/16)
  • New and more flexible UI design with support for HiDPI displays.
  • Playlist scheduler.
  • Transition between elements in playlist.
  • Draw tab improvement (Undo/Redo added).
  • Usage up to 12 video sources (Studio and Enterprise only).
  • New Save Effects Presets feature.
  • Connect tab added.
  • Saving snapshots and recordings to multiple locations.

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