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Maoist Communist Party of China

Founded28 November 2008
Political positionFar-left

The Maoist Communist Party of China (Chinese: 中国毛泽东主义共产党) is an underground anti-revisionist communist party in the People's Republic of China following Marxism–Leninism–Maoism[2]. MCPC seeks to overthrow the “traitorous revisionist ruling bloc within the Chinese Communist Party” (CCP), whose Dengist reforms are supposed to have “restored capitalist social conditions”. Following this goal, MCPC seeks to initiate a “second socialist revolution” to re-establish the dictatorship of the proletariat. The ultimate objective of MCPC is to achieve communism.[3][4]


MCPC was founded on 28 November 2008 and is gathering up members and supporters, in an unconfirmed status, ranging in the thousands within the rural lands of China.[5]

In 2007, 17 members of the CCP – ranging from retired officials, military officers and academics – issued a public letter to the CCP urging the end of the Dengist reforms and to return to “Mao Zedong Thought”. This became a significant upheaval to the minds of the Chinese working class, for it showed that the growing discontent of the CCP was not just by those on the streets and rural lands of China, but by those that have worked closely with thoe of the CCP as well.

In the Spring of 2018, Maoist inspired labor activists and students attempted to form a independent labor union at The Jasic Technology factory in Guangdong. Chinese authorities responded by detaining more than a dozen of the activists, having them undergo "ideological correction". [6] [7]

On November 11th, 2018 Chinese authorities began a campaign to detain and arrest students at Peking University, Beijing who may have been involved in the labor unrest in Guangdong. [8][9] Those arrested include Chinese #MeToo activist Yue Xin who participated in The JASIC protests. At least, 12 students, mostly from Peking University, but also university outside Beijing have been detained, the whereabouts and conditions of their imprisonment are unknown. [10]

The Ten Declarations of the Maoist Communist Party of China[edit]

  1. We strongly condemn the traitorous revisionist ruling bloc of the Chinese Communist Party and its policy of secretive suppression of our party!
  2. We shall give thanks to the understanding and support shown to us by the people
  3. We declare that the traitorous revisionist ruling bloc of the Chinese Communist Party is the top enemy of the peoples of China
  4. We declare that the Maoist Communist Party of China is a proletarian revolutionary party
  5. We declare that we will firmly embark on the road of the second socialist revolution in China
  6. We declare that a great revolutionary movement against capitalist restoration among the peoples of China will be enacted
  7. We declare that Maoism is the powerful ideological and theoretical weapon one can use to gain victory over the traitorous revisionist ruling bloc of the Chinese Communist Party
  8. We declare that we shall remove all the erroneous thoughts among the left, so that a road to the great revolutionary movement of the proletarian class can be opened up
  9. We declare that the traitorous revisionist ruling bloc of the Chinese Communist Party must be cast down
  10. The basic political programme of the Maoist Communist Party of China
    1. We call for the overthrow of every big and small capitalist-roader and corrupt bureaucratic elements. We shall remove the captialist constitution and law that has been imposed upon the peoples of China by the traitorous revisionist ruling bloc. We shall establish people’s supervisory councils, so that everyone takes part in the management and supervision of the state, army and government, so that the people are guaranteed to become the real rulers of the country.
    2. Every single publicly owned work-unit established before 1977 will be completely restored. Every unemployed worker who used to belong to one of these work-units will unconditionally get their post and salary back. All of the possessions that have been taken away from every publicly owned work-unit will be chased back and re-constituted.
    3. Every monopolistic state-owned joint-stock enterprise formed after 1977 will be given over to the people.
    4. People’s communes will be restored in the countryside. Concretely for each particular village, we shall respect the choices of the masses, those who wish to embark on the collectivist path the state shall give support, those who wish to keep things as they are will also be allowed to do so.
    5. The military ranking system would be removed, the army will be reformed. The revolutionary modernising construction of the army will be resumed. The army will be prepared always to hit hard against any foreign invaders and pirates who dare to violate our country.
    6. Every primary and secondary school, as well as every university and college, shall become completely free apart from the costs of basic textbooks. The universities will offer free food and free accomodation, as well as a certain amount of financial assistance to those students that require them. The education system will be primarily geared towards creating socialist new people that are both “red” and “expert”. Jobs for all graduates shall be guaranteed for everyone.
    7. The quality of service in every people’s hospital and traditional Chinese hospital will be fundamentally improved. New hospitals will be constructed in every town and city in China. All rural and urban residents in China, as long as they are citizens of the People’s Republic of China, will receive free healthcare apart from the basic costs of medication. The basic cost of medication will be regulated directly by the state, and some medication will also be provided on a needs-basis. Chairman Mao’s political command of “let the weight of the medical and healthcare sectors be transferred to rural areas” will be enacted. The people’s communes in rural areas will establish new hospitals, and clinics will be built in every single village area. Every single person will be guaranteed to have convenient and cheap healthcare. The current sad state of poor people “wait on with a small illness” and “wait for death with a big illness” will be changed forever.
    8. All old people who have lost the ability to work, regardless of whether he/she is an urban or rural resident, will receive a state pension. Every disabled person who has lost the ability to work will be taken care of by the state. All concerns regarding the care of elderly and disabled people will be gone.
    9. Every adult who is a citizen of the People’s Republic of China can choose his/her line of work through application. The state will be in charge of the overall plan of job allocation. The socialist distributive principle of “each according to his/her labour” will be enacted.
    10. All privately owned enterprises and companies that do not rely on selling out the state, opportunism or gross exploitation, and do not harm the welfare of the public, can carry on running as before. At the same time, the law of the state protects the right of every person who wishes to engage in small-scale private businesses and will provide help when necessary.
    11. Every adult citizen of the People’s Republic of China will be guaranteed to have a living place that belongs to himself/herself.
    12. The procedures to join the party and promotion within the party will be set according to the charter of the Maoist Communist Party of China. Sometimes they will be very rapid for certain people.
    13. All those who have sided with the reactionary side during the counter-revolutionary capitalist restoration phase, all those who have beaten the drums for the coming of the “opening-up reforms”, and all those who have sided with the revisionist ruling bloc, shall never be allowed to have any leadership post within any department in the entire country. All those who have managed to divide a line between themselves and the ruling bloc and fight back against it during the anti-restoration great revolution will be pardoned from their former political crimes.
    14. All those who superficially seem to actively and diligently join the revolution during the great anti-restoration revolutionary movement, but in reality only care about how to acquire private interests for himself/herself, will not be qualified to hold any kind of leadership post within the party or the country.
    15. Revolutionary cadres are the servants of the people. Apart from the guards and necessary assistants for the main leading cadres of the party and the state, every cadre is not allowed to have any personal secretaries, doctors, chefs, drivers or any other service personnel.
    16. The salary levels of every cadre and leader in the party must never exceed the highest salary level of the workers in the country. Their living spaces cannot exceed 150 square metres.
    17. All cadres who have taken apart in embezzlements, briberies, and have done things contrary to the interests of the masses of the people, and do not act according to the people’s wishes, will be removed from their posts.
    18. Necessary and comprehensive special care will be given to the families and descendants of revolutionary martyrs, as well as all those who heroically help others at the expense of their own safety.
    19. All corrupt officials who have escaped overseas with large amounts of money, will be chased down and arrested no matter where in the world he/she has escaped to! Those who refuse to repent for their political crimes, no matter where they are located in the world, will be executed at any cost.
    20. Every counter-revolutionary right-wing element who has risen up against the second socialist revolution and who opposed the proletarian dictatorship will be forcefully re-educated under supervision. Those counter-revolutionary elements who have an especially malign and reactionary attitude will be suppressed without mercy!

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