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Maor is located in Haifa
Coordinates: 32°23′N 35°00′E / 32.383°N 35.000°E / 32.383; 35.000Coordinates: 32°23′N 35°00′E / 32.383°N 35.000°E / 32.383; 35.000
Council Menashe
Founded 1953
Founded by Romanian Jews
Name meaning Source of light

Maor (Hebrew: מָאוֹר) is an agricultural moshav in the Menashe Regional Council, Israel, near Baqa al-Gharbiyye. It was established in 1953 by Jewish immigrants from Romania and Poland; was abandoned after several years, and re-established in 1957 by Jewish immigrants from Yemen. The population is several hundred people, some of which work in agriculture on the moshav, and others who live on the moshav but work elsewhere.

Other uses[edit]

It is also the given name of Israeli Olympic runner, Maor Tiyouri.[1]


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Panoramic view of the moshav from south-east