Maoshan Pagoda

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Coordinates: 24°24′31″N 118°17′17.9″E / 24.40861°N 118.288306°E / 24.40861; 118.288306

Maoshan Pagoda
茅山塔 - Maoshan Pagoda - 2014.09 - panoramio.jpg
Basic information
LocationJincheng, Kinmen, Taiwan
Architectural typePagoda

The Maoshan Pagoda (Chinese: 茅山塔; pinyin: Máoshān Tǎ; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Gê-soaⁿ Thah), or also known as Jinguishan Pagoda, is a pagoda in Jincheng Township, Kinmen County, Fujian Province, Republic of China. It is located on the west side of Kinmen old city and the south of Maoshan, Shuitou Village.[1]


During the 14th century, pirate activities were growing around the shore of Ming Dynasty. Ming official who was stationed in Kinmen established Maoshan Pagoda and other two pagodas to protect Kinmen. In 1958, the pagoda formed a barrier against the People's Liberation Army during the 823 Artillery War.

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