Maowid ala ashaa

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A Dinner Date
موعد على العشاء
Directed by Mohamed Khan
Produced by Al Gowhara Films
Written by Mohamed Khan
Starring Soad Hosny
Ahmed Zaki
Music by Kamal Bakry
Release date
Country Egypt
Language Arabic

Maowid ala Ashaa (1981)(Arabic: موعد على العشاء‎‎, English: A Dinner Date) is a 1981 Egyptian romance film, starring Soad Hosni and Ahmed Zaki. The life story of a beautiful and pure woman, interested of the very little things with a great sensibility.



This movie revolves around the story of an innocent girl (nawal) who was married to a rich and possessive man who still wants her back after their divorce; however she meets a hair stylist (shoukry)and falls in love with him. They get married but her first husband starts torturing Shoukry so he can leave nawal but he refuses. Eventually, he is murdered by her first husband. So, Nawal arranges a dinner date with her x-husband telling him that she wants to get back to him and after they finish eating dinner, she tells him that she had put poison food and that both of them don't deserve to live after the death of the love of her life, Shoukry.


1981: Best Actress, Souad Hosni, by Egyptian Film Association. Egypt.


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