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MapHook Inc.
Type of business Private
Founded 2010
Headquarters Dulles, VA, USA
Key people Dr. Paul Carter

MapHook is a location-based journal and social networking application that is operated by MapHook Inc., a software applications development firm based in Dulles, Virginia.

MapHook combines GPS and mapping technologies to allow users to create geo-tagged digital memories about events, locations, and activities. These geo-tagged "hooks" contain user reviews, anecdotal information, available business details, and user-created images pertaining to the selected location.[1] These hooks are then published per user specifications to the public or select individuals. MapHook also displays points of interest that relate to Wikipedia articles, Groupon offers, or Yelp reviews within a user's selected vicinities.


MapHook was launched in July 2010.[2][3]

In August 2010, the “Gulf Caravan,” an advocacy group from St. Louis, MO, selected MapHook to help create awareness about the businesses impacted by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.[4]

In April 2011, MapHook joined with Groupon and began displaying regional Groupon offerings by user location.[5]

In August 2011, MapHook added the ability to attach YouTube videos to "hooks." MapHook also introduced the "Groups" concept, which allowed for the creation of user communities with user-set levels of privacy. MapHook also connected with Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ in order to merge with other social networking platforms.[6]

In September 2011, MapHook partnered with ThinkGeek and their “Timmy the Monkey Sticker Map Project,” which documents the global reach of ThinkGeek customers by using MapHook.[7][8]

In March 2012, MapHook partnered with the World Wildlife Fund and their "Tigers or Toilet Paper" project, which aims to draw closer attention to the deforestation and ruin of the Sumatran tiger’s habitat by having users create hooks to spread awareness about the paper products being sold in their area.[9][10]

In April 2012, MapHook and the World Wildlife Fund teamed together again for Earth Hour, which took place in 2012 on March 31.[11] As part of the Earth Hour MapHook Project, the World Wildlife Fund asked Earth Hour participants to post hooks on MapHook in order to chart participation and share experiences.[12]


Upon its release in July 2010, MapHook received recognition in a number of online and paper-based publications:

On July 19, 2010, MapHook was included in Gizmodo's "This Week's Best Apps" list.[13]

On July 20, 2010, MapHook was recognized by TIME's Techland section as its "App of the Week." [14]

On July 29, 2010, MapHook made the NY Times "Quick Calls" list.[15]


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