Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate

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Natural gas separation plant in Map Tha Phut
Gas flare at PTT plant in Map Ta Phut

The Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate is a large industrial park in the town of Map Ta Phut in Rayong Province, Thailand. Part of Thailand's eastern seaboard economic region, it is the country's largest industrial estate and the world's eight-largest petrochemical industrial hub. It was founded in 1990 and is managed by the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand, a government agency under the Ministry of Industry.

On 6 March 2000 a phosgene gas leak at the Thai Polycarbonates[1] [2] polycarbonate plastic factory killed two workers and injured many locals.

In 2009, the Supreme Administrative Court suspended the development of sixty-five projects in the estate, worth an estimated US$8 billion, due to inadequate health impact assessments. The ruling followed a decade-long series of protests and legal actions by local communities and environmental groups, who claimed 2,000 people had died of cancer due to pollution from the industrial estate.[3]


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