Mapesbury Communications Ltd

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Mapesbury Communications
Industry Telecommunication
Founded 2002
Headquarters United Kingdom
Area served
United Kingdom
Products Mobile telecommunications

Mapesbury Communications Ltd (MCom) is a privately owned UK company founded in October 2002. It operates a mobile network called UK01. The launch of the company coinciding with the time that the UK regulatory authority (Ofcom) began the process of liberalising the UK spectrum regime. In 2006 at Ofcom's first spectrum auction MCom was notable in winning a UK mobile GSM spectrum licence.



UK01 is a mobile network in the UK, operated by Mapesbury Communications Ltd. Currently they do not provide any service; they plan on putting their transmitters inside Wifi Wireless networking boxes used by Spectrum.

The service will run on the low power 1800 MHz spectrum. This means that 3G data connections will not be available on UK01's own network. In addition, the 1800 MHz spectrum has a short range so customers will not be able to wander far from the transmitter.[1]

Mapesbury Communications Ltd. website does not deliver any website, and so as such is in name only.


Ofcom also issued the regulatory elements required for a GSM mobile operator,[2] a MCC of 234 (ITU code for UK) and MNC of 01 - which provides the default of UK01 when used with a regular cellular phone. As a "code system" operator obligations under the Telecommunications Act 2003 apply, providing mobile porting with all UK mobile networks.[3]


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