Maple Leaves (EP)

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Maple Leaves
Maple Leaves Service.jpg
EP by Jens Lekman
Released 2003
Jens Lekman chronology
7" Vinyl EP
Maple Leaves
Rocky Dennis in Heaven
Alternative cover
Secretly Canadian release
Secretly Canadian release
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Pitchfork Media (7.9/10) link

Maple Leaves is an EP released by Jens Lekman. The songs on this EP can also be found on Lekman's 2005 release, Oh You're So Silent Jens.

The title song "Maple Leaves" centers on a hallmark of Lekman's lyrics, puns and an advanced level of understanding of English idioms. It is a melancholic love song or reflection on lost love about the singer misunderstanding a woman's ennui or disillusionment primarily indicated by her saying "make believe" and the singer optimistically hearing it as "maple leaves".

Track listing[edit]

Service Records[edit]

  • Released 1 October 2003
  1. "Maple Leaves"
  2. "Sky Phenomenon"
  3. "Pocketful of Money"
  4. "Black Cab"
  5. "Someone to Share My Life With" (Television Personalities cover)

Secretly Canadian Records[edit]

  • Released 3 February 2004
  1. "Maple Leaves"
  2. "Sky Phenomenon"
  3. "Black Cab"
  4. "Someone to Share My Life With"