Maplehurst Correctional Complex

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Maplehurst Correctional Complex
Correctional Services Logo.jpg
LocationMilton, Ontario, Canada
Security classMedium/Maximum
Managed byMinistry of Community Safety and Correctional Services

Maplehurst Correctional Complex (also known colloquially as the Milton Hilton or "Muppethurst"[1]; French: Complexe Correctional de Maplehurst ) is a correctional facility located in Milton, Ontario for males 18 years of age and older. It is a combined maximum security detention centre for remanded prisoners, and medium/maximum correctional centre for offenders sentenced to less than two years.

In 1972, the government started a $13.5 million construction project for the Maplehurst Correctional Centre. It was completed in 1974 and continues to operate to this day.[2] Sod was turned on the project on February 9, 1973.[3]

Maplehurst Correctional Complex was built in the mid-1970s as a replacement for several older facilities including the Milton Jail, Halton County Jail, and the Mimico Correctional Centre, although the latter ultimately remained open. John Main was the facility's first administrator (warden), and came over from Mimico.[4]

It was expanded in the late 1980s and again in the early 21st century.[5]

At the official opening of the $89 million modernization in 2001, the Ontario government described the complex as the first facility in Ontario's correctional system to feature a new design with pods:[6] self-contained, 192-bed units where inmates spend their day - including program areas and an outdoor space for exercise.[7] The complex is the size of 100 football fields and was the first of so-called "super-jails" in Ontario. General Population, Protective Population and Segregation/Hospital units are all housed within the facility.[8] It shares its location with the adjacent Vanier Centre for Women, a 333-bed medium and maximum security facility for remanded and sentenced female offenders.

The prison provides a variety of remedial programs, including life skills, addictions, anger management and Alcoholics Anonymous.

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