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Mapper may refer to:


  • MAPPER, a Fourth-generation programming language originally sold by Sperry Corporation (now Unisys)
  • Mapper(2), a biological database
  • DataMapper, a software library written in the Ruby language
  • Device mapper, handler for Linux
  • Data mapper pattern, a software engineering architectural term
  • Global Mapper, a Global Information System software package developed by Blue Marble Geographics that runs on Microsoft Windows
  • Memory management controller, a chip that handles bank switching on certain NES cartridges, or the part of an emulator that emulates a Memory Management Controller
  • Moo Mapper, an editor for the IPL file format. It has been developed for the purpose of modifying maps in recent Grand Theft Auto series games for the PC
  • Object-relational mapping, a computer science programming technique
  • Port mapper, maps program to web address
  • Semantic mapper, maps between namespaces


  • Level designer, a person who designs levels for video games
  • mapper orientation, One of the psychological traits proposed in mapper/packer theory, the opposite trait of the psychology trait "Packer"
  • Moon Mineralogy Mapper, one of two instruments that NASA contributed to India's first mission to the Moon, Chandrayaan-1, launched October 22, 2008
  • Thematic Mapper, one of the Earth observing sensors introduced in the Landsat program
  • Wisconsin H-Alpha Mapper, a custom-built 0.6 metres (24 in) telescope operated by the University of Wisconsin–Madison, used to study the Helium-alpha ions of the warm ionized medium