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Mapping can mean:

  • Cartography, the creation of maps, graphic symbolic representations of the features of a part of the surface of the Earth, or any other astronomical or imaginary place.
    • Web mapping, mapping using data delivered by GISs
    • Surveying, the field work necessary to gather map data
  • Mapping (mathematics), a synonym for mathematical function or for morphism
  • Gene mapping, the assignment of DNA fragments to chromosomes
  • Brain mapping, set of techniques to study the brain
  • Data mapping, data element mappings between two distinct data models
  • Texture mapping, in computer graphics
  • Mind mapping, the drawing of ideas and the relations among them
  • Robotic mapping, creation and use of maps by robots
  • Spiritual mapping, a practice of some religions
  • Projection mapping, the projection of videos on the surface of objects with irregular shapes
  • Mapping (subgenre), content subgenre mainly on the video platform YouTube based on the personification of countries on a map to showcase real events or an alternate future/history and sometimes with the presence of Polandball