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MAPS.ME Android App v9.4.4 Screenshot with Walking Route Built.jpg
Original author(s)Yury Melnichek, Alexander Borsuk, Viktor Govako, Siarhei Rachytski
Developer(s)MapsWithMe GmbH,
Initial release2011
Stable release
12.0.1[1] / January 15, 2021; 10 months ago (2021-01-15)
Written inC++, Objective-C, Java
Operating systemAndroid, iOS, BlackBerry
Size137 MB Android[2] / 407 MB iOS[3]
LicenseApache License 2.0[4] (styled as MAPS.ME) is a mobile app for Android, iOS and BlackBerry that provides offline maps using OpenStreetMap data. It was formerly known as MapsWithMe. In November 2014, it was acquired by Mail.Ru Group and became part of its brand. In September 2015, the app was open sourced[5] and a free and open-source software version was additionally made available on F-droid[6] until the application was sold to the payment processor Daegu Limited, part of, which changed the application user interface and content,[7][8] which led the free software community to develop an ad and tracker free fork in response.[9]


First, the whole team has developed an application in Belarus and Switzerland. was founded by Yury Melnichek, Alexander Borsuk, Viktor Govako and Siarhei Rachytski. Under the leadership of Alexander, MapsWithMe got its first 2.5M users worldwide. Yury Melnichek was leading the project from November 2013 until April 2016 when Evgeny Lisovskiy took over.[10][unreliable source?] In early 2017 the philosophy of the app changed, leading it to be supported by adverts.[11][non-primary source needed] On Nov 2020 Group sold to the payment processor Daegu Limited,[12] part of, which changed the application user interface and content,[13][14] which led the free software community to develop OrganicMaps in response.[15]

MapsWithMe GmbH[edit]

The application was initially developed by Zurich-based MapsWithMe GmbH with a development office in Minsk.

In 2012, MapsWithMe came in first in the Startup Monthly competition in Vilnius. The team won a nine-week traineeship in Silicon Valley as a prize.[16] Group[edit]

In November 2014, was acquired by Mail.Ru Group for 542 million rubles (around US$14 million at that time) to be integrated with, and the app was made free of charge.[17][non-primary source needed] The engineering team was relocated to the Mail.Ru Group office in Moscow to continue working on the project.

In 2019, its revenue amounted to 159 million rubles (US$2.5 million) with an EBITDA loss of 25 million rubles (US$0.39 million).[12][non-primary source needed]

Daegu Ltd and partners[edit]

On November 2 2020, Daegu Limited bought for 1.56 Billion Russian rubles (some US$20 million at 2020’s exchange rate). Daegu Limited is announced to be part of Group.

Regarding the question, who is really responsible, there are two main groups involved. The first is AG, which is part of Convexity Holdings AG from Switzerland. [18][non-primary source needed] The second is the global TMF Group, a partner of Group,[19][non-primary source needed] which has a dependence office in Cyprus.

Regarding the App Stores from Android and Apple, there is Maps.Me (Cyprus) Limited and Stolmo Limited. Regarding the policy of [20][non-primary source needed] both fit to the responsibility to TMF Group in the same office in Nicosia.[21][non-primary source needed]

According to the search engines there is still no visible proof of what Daegu Limited is and if AG is the same as Group.

In summary there are currently five companies involved: Daegu Ltd, AG/Group, TMF Group, Stolmo Ltd, (Cyprus) Ltd.

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