Mapuera River

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Mapuera River
Mapuera River is located in Brazil
Mapuera River
Native name Rio Mapuera
Country Brazil
Basin features
Main source Pará
River mouth 1°05′05″S 57°03′44″W / 1.084749°S 57.062211°W / -1.084749; -57.062211Coordinates: 1°05′05″S 57°03′44″W / 1.084749°S 57.062211°W / -1.084749; -57.062211
River system Trombetas River
Physical characteristics
Length 340[1]

The Mapuera River is a tributary of the Trombetas River in Pará state in north-central Brazil.

The river basin lies partly within the 4,245,819 hectares (10,491,650 acres) Grão-Pará Ecological Station, the largest fully protected tropical forest conservation unit on the planet.[2]

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