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Panoramic View of Mapulaca
Panoramic View of Mapulaca
Mapulaca is located in Honduras
Location in Honduras
Coordinates: 14°02′N 88°37′W / 14.033°N 88.617°W / 14.033; -88.617
Country Honduras
Department Lempira
 • Total 32 km2 (12 sq mi)
Population (2015)
 • Total 4,314
 • Density 130/km2 (350/sq mi)

Mapulaca is a municipality in the Honduran department of Lempira.

It is one of the smallest municipalities in the south of Lempira department. It is hard to get there and the traveller can take any road, however, the suggested option is via Santa Rosa de Copán-San Marcos de Ocotepeque-Cololaca-Valladolid-La Virtud-Mapulaca. On the other hand, if the traveller is coming from La Esperanza, Intibuca obviously the road to take is via Santa Cruz-San Andrés-Candelaria-Either way it takes about 5 or 6 hours to get there. There is a well known point on the border, "El Puente Colgante" (The Hanging Bridge), which leads to Sonsonate municipality in El Salvador. Also, there is a new bridge called "Puente La Intregracion".


Mapulaca was founded on 30 October 1692. In the census of 1791, it was part of "Curato de Cerquin". It has real state titles granted by the "Convent" of Gracias on 10 March 1817. Subscribed by his majesty King Felipe IV. In 1889 it was a municipality of Candelaria district.


It is located at approximately 300 m above sea level, and after coming down "Congolón" mountain. It is surrounded by some high hills and by dry subtropical forests, and it applies for the rest of the municipality. It also has some flat lands for sowing and more recently for people settlement.

Arriving at Mapulaca


Its boundaries are:

  • Surface area: 32 km²


The main economic activity is commerce, and especially since the border is only 3 km away from the departmental capital. The next activity is corn and beans crops and on, a smaller scale, is cattle and milk products, these last are mostly for local consumption. It has had electricity for 4 years now and also mobile communication services. The water is obtained from wells, but it is not enough for the local demand. It has 2 hardware stores and several grocery stores. In some houses, people sell gasoline or diesel fuels.


The majority of the population is Mestizo.

  • Population:The population in 2001 was 3,866, and according to estimates by the INE Honduras, 4,314 is expected for 2015.
  • Villages: 5
  • Settlements: 35


Due to its geography and location, Mapulaca is only a place to pass by. The "Puente Colgante" is the place of the border to go to El Salvador. It is necessary to cross the hanging bridge to make it to Chalatenango municipality in El Salvador. This bridge is an adventure itself, it was built by a Swiss man also known as "Toni El Suizo", who built more hanging bridges after hurricane Mitch back in 1998. The Lempa River is a good place for swimming, but its currents are very strong and dangerous, so extreme care is advised. There are several tributaries to the Lempa, which are also nice places to cool off. There is only one hostel in Mapulaca with only one "restaurant", which is quite small.

  • Local Holidays: San Juan de Dios' Day, on 8 March.


Coordinates: 14°02′N 88°37′W / 14.033°N 88.617°W / 14.033; -88.617